About Us

Adage Dance Center, a premier establishment within Los Angeles County, has proudly served the Inland Empire for a decade and a half under the esteemed Creative Direction of Allison Gladney. Our unwavering dedication at Adage Dance Center revolves around the provision of top-tier instruction, emphasizing the facets of technique, performance, and the artistry inherent in the world of dance—all while fostering an environment of enjoyment and delight.

We strive to equip our students with a comprehensive understanding of dance, encompassing areas such as anatomy, dance history, terminology, and beyond. Our diverse curriculum caters to individuals of every skill level and age bracket, spanning from beginners to professionals, from as young as two years old to teenagers. Situated at the intersection of Claremont, La Verne, and Pomona, Adage Dance Center serves as a hub for the pursuit of dance excellence

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