Studio Policies 

At Adage Dance Center, we believe that dance is not only an art form but a transformative experience that nurtures creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. Our mission is to provide a vibrant and inclusive dance community where students of all ages can thrive, while upholding a set of essential policies that contribute to the success of each individual and the overall collective.


Class attendance is monitored on a weekly basis and any absence or tardy will be noted. Consistent attendance is encouraged, as we want each dancer to gain the most out of his or her experience at Adage Dance Center. Additionally, we believe that maintaining regular attendance helps teach our students valuable life lessons about commitment and team reliability.


We strongly encourage students to arrive to class on time‚ or 5–10 minutes early‚ to the best of their ability. This is enforced to prevent injuries and avoid class disruption. The most essential part of a dance class is warm–up‚ which takes place from the start of class and prepares the dancers’ body to move without injury. If a dancer arrives beyond the first 10 minutes of class‚ he or she will be asked to sit and observe class that day.

Make Up Classes

As attendance is monitored, students are permitted to make up any classes they have missed within a 30–day time frame of the missed class(es). Students must still be enrolled at Adage Dance Center‚ and must not have dropped any classes since the time of missed class(es).

Drop Policy

Students who choose to drop their class(es) must provide the office staff with a two week notice, prior to the date of their next monthly tuition fee. If a two–week notice is not given, the client will be charged the following month’s tuition.

Note – Should a dancer arrive late to Ballet class‚ he or she is asked to remain outside by the window until the instructor acknowledges the student and motions them in. Ballet demands a higher level of discipline and concentration; therefore a student entering in the middle of a combination is likely to disrupt the class’ focus.

*If a student demonstrates consistencies in his or her tardiness/absences, we will contact the family to see if we can assist you in finding a more suitable time slot for you and your child.

  Dress Code 

  • Black sleeveless leotard
  • Pink tights
  • Pink split sole ballet shoes
  • Anything that allows the dancer to move freely
  • Shorts, baggy sweats, t-shirt are all acceptable 
  • Tennis Shows(hip/hop) Tap Shoe (tap) required

All Other Styles
  • Black sleeveless leotard or sports bra (fitted)
  • Black Dance shorts (fitted) NO LEGGINGS
  • Tan split sole jazz shoes or half soles

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