Allison Gladney


Allison Gladney embarked on her dance journey at the tender age of three, instilled with an early love for movement and the performing arts. Growing up in a household with parents deeply entrenched in the music industry, it was only natural for her to discover her true passion for dance. This fervor propelled her towards a multifaceted career as a performer, educator, and choreographer.

Allison’s illustrious career boasts a rich tapestry of achievements. She has graced the stage in iconic musical productions such as “Cabaret,” “My Fair Lady,” “Guys N Dolls,” “Chicago,” and “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” On the small screen, her talents shine through in various commercials, including campaigns for SONY Mini Disk, Tupperware, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. She also made memorable appearances on the acclaimed television show, Star Search. Beyond the stage and screen, Allison has left her mark as a featured dancer in music videos for renowned artists such as Bjork and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her dynamic performances have taken her on a journey across the United States, where she graced industrial shows for illustrious brands like Nike, Big Five, and Sketchers.

Allison’s unwavering dedication to dance, coupled with her innate teaching prowess and choreographic finesse, culminated in the realization of her lifelong dream: the ownership of Adage Dance Center. Her studio has become a beacon for aspiring dancers, nurturing their talents and aspirations. Notably, Allison’s impact extends far beyond the walls of her studio. Several of her former students have gone on to achieve remarkable success, gracing the Broadway stage in productions like “The Lion King,” “Guys N Dolls,” and “Chicago.” They’ve also been featured in national commercials, music videos, live performances in Las Vegas, and even on the hit reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” among other impressive feats.

With a career steeped in dedication, creativity, and a profound love for the art of dance, Allison Gladney stands as an inspirational figure in the world of performing arts, both as a seasoned professional and as the driving force behind Adage Dance Center.