Wynesha Groce


Wynesha Garner-Groce is a distinguished alumna of Cal State University of San Bernardino, where she pursued a double major in Business Administration with a focus on marketing and Kinesiology with an emphasis on pedagogy. Additionally, she holds a teaching credential in education. Wynesha’s extensive expertise spans the realms of teaching and choreography, both within various studios and throughout the Inland Empire.

Her choreographic works have graced the stages of numerous institutions, including AB Miller HS, Los Osos HS, Rancho Cucamonga HS, Upland HS, Don Lugo HS, John W. North HS, Arroyo Valley HS, Alta Loma HS, and many others. Wynesha’s talents as a dancer have shone on multiple occasions, with notable appearances at a charity fashion show event hosted by “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale, among several other engagements across Southern California.

Wynesha’s dance journey spans over two decades, encompassing a diverse range of styles such as jazz/lyrical, hip hop, modern/contemporary, and ballet. Her profound connection to dance has consistently served as her driving passion and a source of inspiration, empowering her to overcome life’s challenges.

In the professional dance arena, Wynesha’s career includes her previous affiliation with the esteemed DDO dance agency, providing her with invaluable opportunities to explore the entertainment landscape through auditions for various music videos, movies, and commercials. Her dedication to the art of dance is both her foundation and her guiding light, shaping her remarkable journey in the world of movement and creativity.