Stacy Clement

Studio Manager

Meet Stacy, an exceptional professional with over 30 years of distinguished business experience and a solid educational background. Armed with a college degree and a rich history in the corporate world, Stacy brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to her role at Adage.

Before joining our team, Stacy honed her skills as a Store Manager at Nordstrom, where she dedicated an impressive 25 years of service. Her tenure there was marked by her unwavering commitment to excellence and her remarkable ability to lead and inspire teams.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Stacy carries a unique and captivating personal history. In her formative years, she was a dedicated competition dancer, specializing in various styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and Lyrical. Her passion for dance led her to grace the stage for nearly 15 years, showcasing her talents and embracing the spotlight.

Now, Stacy finds herself back in an environment she holds close to her heart – the stage. Her vibrant energy and rich experiences infuse a renewed sense of excitement as she immerses herself in new challenges and opportunities at Adage. With her dynamic background and a heart that beats to the rhythm of success, Stacy is a true embodiment of dedication, talent, and passion.

Join us in celebrating Stacy’s journey as she brings her expertise and enthusiasm to Adage, enriching our team and contributing to our shared success.